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Past Presidents

Dawn Rowe (2024) East Tennessee State University
Allison Lombardi (2023) University of Connecticut
John McNaught (2022) James Madison University
Karrie Shogren (2021) University of Kansas
Valerie Mazzotti(2018-2020) University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Judy Shanley (2017-2018) Easterseals
Darlene Unger (2016-2017)
Kent State University
Jim Martin (2015-2016) University of Oklahoma 
Joe Madaus (2014-2015) University of Connecticut 
Stacie Dojonovic (2013-2014) Fox Chapel Area High School 
Audrey Trainor (2012-13) University of Wisconsin 
Mary Morningstar(2011-12) University or Kansas

Dale Matesuvich (2010-11)
Dalun Zhang (2009-10) Texas A&M University  
Sherrilyn Fisher (2008-09)
Colleen Thoma (2007-08) Virginia Commonwealth University 
Kristine Webb (2006-07) University of North Florida 
Donna Wandry (2005-06) West Chester University 
Michael Wehmeyer (2004-05) University of Kansas 
Jim Heiden (2003-04) Cudahy School District 
Margo Izzo (2002-03) The Ohio State University 
Cindi Nixon (2001-02) Francis Marion College 
Diane Bassett (2000-01) University of Northern Colorado 
Rick Lombard (1999-2000) University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 
Ann Marie Cook (1998-99) Fairfax County VA, Career and Transition Services 
Carol Kochhar-Bryant (1997-98) George Washington University 
Robert Miller (1996-97) Mankato State University 
Sharon deFur (1995-96) College of William and Mary
Jeanne Repetto (1994-95) University of Florida 
Wynne Begun (1993-94) Blue Valley North High School 
Warren White (1992-93) Kansas State University 
Robert Ianacone (1991-92) George Washington University 
Pat Sitlington (1990-91, deceased) 

Gary Meers (1989-90) University of Nebraska 
Jane Razeghi (1988-89) George Mason University 
Sharon Field (1987-88) Wayne State University 
Lee Reynold (1986-87) 1 
Charles Kokaska (1985-86)  
George Fair (1984-85) University of Texas (W) (214) 690-2057 
Bruno D’Alonzo (1983-84, deceased) 
Iva Dean Cook (1982-83, deceased) 
Sandra Squires (1981-82) University of Nebraska-Omaha 
Oliver Kolstoe (1980-81) 
Greg Weisenstein 1979-80 Clemson University 
Betty Ross-Thompson (1978-79) 
Donn Brolin (1976-78, deceased)

Last Updated:  7 March, 2024

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