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Organizing a Subdivision

New and Existing State Chapters

As you know, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the premiere organization for special education professionals. As a subdivision of CEC, DCDT is proud to be a leading organization dedicated to (a) improving transition instruction, services, and supports to increase participation in educational opportunities around career development and transition skills, and (b) influencing state and national policies affecting career development and transition services for individuals with disabilities. State DCDT subdivisions have the opportunity to extend this charge by working actively with service providers, schools, families, individuals, and various agencies at the local level.

Here you will find the State Subdivision Manual in addition to forms and grants that state chapters will find useful. The State Subdivision Manual organized to assist you in the development and management of your state subdivision. 

Please be aware that each state falls under the care of a DCDT Regional Representative, who can address additional questions you may have. If you have specific questions about your proposed ideas or activity, please contact your regional DCDT Regional Representative. 


Subdivision Manual and Forms

Last Updated:  18 March, 2021

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