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DCDT Call for 2021 Awards Nominations

Would you like to honor an outstanding contributor to our field?

The Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT), a division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), is accepting nominations for awards given to people who have made outstanding contributions in the field of secondary education and transition for students with disabilities. Each candidate must be a member in good standing of DCDT at the time of nomination, with the exception of nominees for the Employer of the Year. Deadline for nominations is July 1, 2021. The awards will be announced at our annual DCDT Conference. For more details please visit the award descriptions and rubric or contact our Past President Dr. Karrie Shogren.

To nominate someone for a DCDT award, send the required information to Dr. Karrie Shogren Please be sure to address the award criteria outlined for each award. 


Award Directions

Please submit a maximum one-page description of why you think the individual is deserving of the award. Please use the criteria related to each award to support your narrative. If you want to include supporting documentation, your nomination packet should be no more than three pages long and include:

  • Name, Title, and Organization of Nominator
  • Name, Title, and Organization of Person being Nominated
  • Indication that you as nominator and nominee are a DCDT member (note the employer nominee does not have to be a DCDT Member).
Last Updated:  16 March, 2021

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